Saint Peter's University Athletics Mission Statement

The mission of the intercollegiate athletics program at Saint Peter's University is to provide opportunities which enable student-athletes to reach their full potential in academic and athletic pursuits. Emphasis is placed on learning and on the development of the whole person. Fully integrated into the college experience, the athletics program fosters sportsmanship, leadership, teamwork, and ethical and moral conduct among all participants. Through intercollegiate competitions with peer institutions, the students and the College as a whole seek to build community spirit and gain the attention of the public.


Saint Peter's University offers 19 NCAA Division I sports with about 280 student-athletes. Plus cheerleading (which does not compete as an NCAA sport).


Saint Peter’s University is a member of the Eastern College Athletic Conference. Saint Peter's is also a founding member of the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference, which began play in 1981-82 and has nine other full members. The Saint Peter's women's bowling team is an associate member of the Northeast Conference


All indoor teams play in the Victor R. Yanitelli Recreation and Life Center on the Campus.

The baseball, softball and soccer teams play at Joseph J. Jaroschak Field, about 1/2 mile from campus in Hudson County Lincoln Park in Jersey City.

Saint Peter's Athletics Philosophy:

While Saint Peter’s University places primary emphasis on formal learning through instruction and study, it recognizes that in the complete education of the whole person, the student has many other needs. To serve these needs—spiritual, personal and social—the College offers a broad program of student personnel services.

As a college with roots in the Jesuit tradition of education, which emphasizes the ideal of cura personalis, Saint Peter’s has developed a sound Department of Athletics. The primary objective must be the development of the individual who participates in athletics programs. The quality of the experience and its contributions to the individual’s development will relate to the sufficiency and the availability of the training and playing facilities, the total commitment and competence of the personnel that make up the Department of Athletics and their dedication to the development of the individual participants.

In order to assure the primary educational objective of nourishing the personal growth of each individual, the Department of Athletics carefully monitors the academic progress of all student-athletes, with the help of faculty moderators, who are regularly informed of the academic progress of the student-athletes in their charge. The Academic/Athletic Coordinator, who reports to the Academic Dean (Day Session), maintains ongoing communication among students, faculty and the Department of Athletics.

Furthermore, athletics programs provide secondary benefits in keeping with the College’s goal of nurturing "a strong sense of community among the members of the College family, including current students and graduates." The Department of Athletics is to provide "a common focus for members of the entire College community: student, faculty, administrators and alumni can meet and share a common experience". In line with the College’s commitment to social justice and to the educational value of diversity, the Department of Athletics provides a fair and equal opportunity for all students and staff to participate in athletics programs.