iPhone Backgrounds

Remind yourself of your favorite sports team every time you use your phone by downloading our iPhone backgrounds. The three choices are below, with instructions for how to install the background on your iPhone.








1. Browse to this link from your iPhone: iPhone Backgrounds
2. Click the download link that corresponds with the iPhone background you want to download.

3. Allow the image to load, then long press on the image and tap "Save Image"

4. Go to your Photos app on your iPhone.

5. Select Camera Roll.

6. Choose the image you just downloaded.

7. Tap the share button (the one that looks like an arrow).

8. Tap the "Use as Wallpaper" option.

9. Tap the "Set" button.
10. Choose the option that best suits where you would like your Saint Peter's background to appear.
11. Enjoy your new Saint Peter's Peaxocks iPhone background.

1. Click the download link for the background of your choice from your browser.

2. Email the downloaded file to yourself.

3. Save the file from your email.

4. Follow steps 4-10 above.