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Mission Statement

The mission of the intercollegiate athletics program at Saint Peter's University is to provide opportunities which enable student-athletes to reach their full potential in academic and athletic pursuits. Emphasis is placed on learning and on the development of the whole person. Fully integrated into the college experience, the athletics program fosters sportsmanship, leadership, teamwork, and ethical and moral conduct among all participants. Through intercollegiate competitions with peer institutions, the students and the College as a whole seek to build community spirit and gain the attention of the public.

Athletics Compliance Office Overview

Saint Peter’s University, a member of the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference (MAAC) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), is responsible for ensuring that coaches, student-athletes, faculty and staff, former students, donors, boosters, and friends abide by MAAC and NCAA regulations.The Athletics Compliance Officer functions within the scope of Saint Peter’s to coordinate; monitor and verify athletics compliance with all MAAC and NCAA requirements, and to educate the various constituencies of the University and the athletics community.
This information is a quick reference to the many NCAA rules, which may apply to you. The information is provided to heighten your awareness of your responsibilities, the accountability to which you are held, and the University’s expectations as they relate to those who care about Saint Peter’s and its intercollegiate athletics teams. Since all pertinent situations cannot be covered through this website, please feel free to call the Athletics Compliance Officer should you have any questions.


COACHES COMPLIANCE FORMS:                                                   

Student Tryout form                                                          

NLI and Scholarship Request Form

Camp & Clinic Form

Monthly Telephone Recruiting Logs

In-Season CARA Calendar

Offical Visit Request Form

Transfer Release Form

Travel Squad Roster Form

Unofficial Visit Approval Form

Coaches Pass List- Men's Basketball

Student Athlete Pass List- Men's Basketball

Coaches Pass List- Women's Basketball

Student-Athlete Pass List- Women's Basketball

Prospect Pass List

Monthly Contact and Evaluation Form

Monthly Out Of Season Countable Hours Log

Student Travel Release Form


Student-Athlete Compliance Forms


NCAA Summary of Regulations

2016-2017 NCAA Banned Substances Form

Saint Peters Drug Abuse Policy


2016-2017 Student Athlete Compliance Checklist

NCAA Student Athlete Statement

NCAA Drug Testing Consent Form

2016-2017 HIPAA Form

2016-2017 Saint Peters Athletics Questionnaire

Saint Peters Drug Testing Consent Form

Saint Peters Concussion Policy Form

Saint Peters Hazing Statement

Student Athlete Picture and Name Consent Form

MAAC Sportsmanship Form




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Katie Arcuri
Associate Director of Athletics for Compliance