Women's Basketball

Women's Basketball Falls to Fairfield on Monday

Women's Basketball Falls to Fairfield on Monday

JERSEY CITY, NJ - The Saint Peter's women's basketball team suffered a, 62-40, setback to the Fairfield Stags on Monday night in the Yanitelli Center.

Zoe Pero and Sajanna Bethea led the team with six points and seven rebounds each. Dajiah Martin, D'Aviyon Magazine, and Precious Featherson matched as team scoring leaders, tallying six points each while Brianna Tarabocchia added five points.

The Peacocks started the game leading the Stags 7-5 with four points scored by Zoe Pero and three by Dajiah Martin. The Peacocks added one more point and the Stags led 11-8 after one.

In the second quarter, the Stags held the Peacocks scoreless while they extended their lead to 17-8. The Stags added three more points to extend its lead before shooting guard Alyssa Velles knocked down a 3-pointer as the Peacocks trailed 20-11. Sajanna Bethea then posted six straight points while Ashlie Howell made a free throw for the Peacocks and ended the quarter behind the Stags 27-18.

After the break, Martin scored a power layup for the Peacocks who trailed 28-20. The Stags added two points and Pero answered with a strong put back (31-22). Point guard, D'Aviyon Magazine knocked a 3-pointer in adding to the Peacocks score as they trailed, 33-25. The Stags continued to lead and the Peacocks posted two more points before the end of the quarter score of 38-27.

In the final quarter, Fairfield went on a 10-0 run before Magazine ended the drought with a 3-pointer putting the Peacocks behind, 48-30. The Stags added 10 more points to the Peacocks three, locking the score at 58-33. The Peacocks outscored the Stags 7-4 to end the game 62-40.

The Peacocks will face Manhattan for the second time this season on Friday, February 23. The game is scheduled to start at 7 p.m.